PIG Pangea Insect Grub

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Pangea Insect Grub is a nutritionally complete diet for feeder insects such as Crickets and Feeder Roaches. This insect food can be fed three different ways; as a gel, wet or dry! Designed to be fed as a insect gut load or regular diet. Crickets and Dubia roaches will love the grains, real fruit, vitamins and minerals.

Insect Gut Loading?

Feeder insects are often fed a very basic diet of vegetables before coming to you. The nutritional content needs to be balanced and some ratios increased before feeding the insect to your reptile or amphibian. Insect gut loading is a process of feeding a highly nutritious food the night prior to feeding to boost the nutritional content of feeder insects. Remember, you are what you eat. :D




Pangea Fruit Mix Complete