Black Panther Zoological

Black Panther Zoological

Black Panther Zoological by Kaiden Waldron-Francis provides the industry with the first ever nutritionally complete diet with an emphasis on insect protein from the Black Soldier Fly Larvae. There are three available diets to choose from and all have BSFL as the protein.

BPZ - Original
The original diet is the first gecko diet on the market to utilize insect protein from BSFL. I enjoy mixing this formula into other fruit diets such as Pangea Fruit Mix with 70% PFM and 30% BPZ for example.

BPZ - ColorBomb
As the second product released for the BPZ lineup this diet emphasis is on carotenoids and anthocyanins. The inclusion of these ingredients help make the color of your gecko more vibrant. Reds and Yellows will be the most noticeable in my experience.

BPZ - MELONistic
MELONistic came about from the idea to bring out the melanin in your geckos. The important ingredient is tyrosine which is an amino acid that supports production of melanin. Also great about the diet is the use of human grade cantaloupe.

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