Big Fat Geckos Diet

Big Fat Gecko Smoothie


The Big Fat Gecko Smoothie Mix was formulated by Victoria Casella and Tom Firstenberger in 2013 and purchased by Nick Franklin of G&N Geckos in 2016. The diets were designed with an emphasis on natural ingredients and Non-GMO where available. The BFG Smoothie diet also contains antioxidants and probiotics to aid digestion. There are two different formulas to address the needs of adult geckos and the nutritional needs of juvenile and breeders alike.

Big Fat Gecko Smoothie - Adult Maintenance Diet
This formula is designed as an everyday diet with a protein content of up to 27g. Great for your pet or overweight geckos.
Per 100 grams - 27 grams Protein, 6% fat, 7% fiber, 42 grams Carbohydrates

Big Fat Gecko Smoothie - Juvenile/Breeder Diet
Growing geckos and breeders alike can benefit from higher protein content. This formula contains up to 39.9g protein and is the highest on the market. Species that generally require more protein like M. chahoua and R. leachianus will also benefit from this diet. I also like to offer this diet to Gargoyle Geckos who have become less interested in insects.
Per 100 grams - 39.9 grams Protein, 8% fat, 4.5% fiber, 29 grams Carbohydrates

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